Biking and eating and repeating!

today begins day 5 in finland! (excuse my lack of caps – i’m typing on my iphone) i am currently in the second largest city, tampere. Beautiful city with lots of beautiful old buildings surrounded by lakes with a river running through the city center. So far i have had an awesome time here! I stayed with a lovely woman, leena, in helsinki, and met up with alexis, a friend of a friend from seattle, who showed me around helsinki and was an awesome tour guide and buddy for a day! From there i peddaled 75 miles northwest to Hamenelinna where i camped at a funny little campground on a lake. Tourist season is definitely not here yet. Tourist facilities along roads and trails are boarded up and look far from being alive again.

Finland is very interesting! Scandanavia meets russia i think is how i would best describe it – though i’ve been to neither place! Home of marimekko – alexis and i happened upon a marimekko store in helsinki: heaven on fabric! Design mecca, but also a bit dreary in places. The people are very friendly once engaged, but casual hellos, smiles and eye contact aren’t in abundance. I’ve also spent 4 of 5 days in large cities, so this could be part of it too.

Foodwise, rye bread is king! But not like i’ve had before. Small slices or dense, lightly leavened ‘buns,’ for lack of a better word, that are usually eaten open faced with margarine, lettuce, cheese, meat (salami, lox – the best i’ve ever had!), and traditionally, cucumber, tomato and red pepper. Really delicious, simple and fairly healthy.

Restaurants are the two extremes – either order at the counter or fine dining and quite expensive. In tampere pizza and kabob places (in one restaurant) are some of the only restaurants to get a cheap meal for around 6€. I had a very interesting ‘kabob’ last night for dinner. I’ll try to insert a pic.

One more interesting thing. There are these great department stores in the city center that sell designer clothing, appliances and food in a huge 6 story store taking up one entire city block. Nordstom meets sears meets whole foods! I am across the street from one right now and plan on stocking up for today and tomorrow when i finish my coffee!

Today i am meeting a new couchsurfing host who live on a lake and is taking me for a paddle around the lake! I, unfortuately, underestimated the intensity of the northern sun yesterday and got really burnt on my bike ride! With the wind keeping me cool i had no idea how hot it really was. Oops!

Off for more fun! Yay finland!!!

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8 thoughts on “Biking and eating and repeating!

  1. Lillian Navarro-Reynolds says:

    Ah Sage so glad your off to a good start, also typing from my phone, not out of necesity but laziness. We got an offer on the house a few minutes ago! I’m picturing the start of this great adventure and can’t wait to learn all of your new recipes in the UK.
    Love you

  2. Deb says:

    Love hearing about what you are seeing and experiencing. Those little rye sandwiches sound great. That is my favorite thing about traveling, the delightful little food treats along the way.
    Look before crossing the roads, talk to only nice strangers, wear a life jacket, sunscreen, a helmet, and a safety belt in cars,be careful, arrive alive, and don’t drink the water ….. I’ll send more advice as it occurs to me 🙂
    Love Deb (Josh says hi)

  3. Deb says:

    Can’t Wait for PICTURES!!!!!!!!

  4. Jo Ann says:

    Ready for the next entry! Pictures! Stay safe and warm. ox

  5. Rebecca says:

    Love that I can keep up with u!! Love that u met up with alexis! She’s a super fun gurl! So…how I chat with u off record?? Fb?looove u! Be safe.

  6. Josh says:

    Yay!! Sounds like so much fun. Can you Instgram pictures? I wanna see some shit! Be safe.

  7. Nancy Leson says:

    Living vicariously through your travels, Sage E. Moto. You are so very much a chip off the old blocks. And I mean that in the best possible way. Much love and safe journeys to you. xo Nancy

  8. Rebecca says:

    I need another post!! Missing u!

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