Roman ruins and errands

Roman arch in Pula, Croatia. Our hands are full of fresh veggies and fruits from the open air market in the city center: figs, peaches, arugula, shallots, heirloom tomatoes and carrots
– all in season and local as you can get!

Jumping for Roman ruins!

Head shot in front of the colliseum!

More than 2000 years old and built to hold 20,000 spectators

Medieval town of Bale – incredible. People still live in all the stone buildings along narrow polished stone streets on top of a little hill about 5 km from the coast.

Filling up the ol’ gas can!

Taking a short break from riding in the hot sun to hang out in the air conditioned supermarket. Bananas for potassium and sugar. You have to weigh your own fruit and veg, push corresponding number and get a sticker from the scale. Food shopping, whether in an open air market (preferable!) or at the supermarket is a big part of every day – the only kind of shopping I actually look forward to!

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One thought on “Roman ruins and errands

  1. Deb says:

    miss you.bonfire on the beach last night with doggies, picked the hell out of salmon berries and blueberries today, smoking silver salmon tomorrow…rainy days of summer winding down. Strangely more productive than the initial days of summer…weird..maybe I have a better attitude, but I doubt it….Love you long time, wish I could see those sights with you and drink some wine in front of some Roman ruins, keep living the dream!!!

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