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People are so good at living!

One of the things i love about traveling that I have just now thought about conciously and am now putting into words: seeing people interact flawlessly and with the utmost comfort and ease in their environment, when in that same exact place and at the same exact time I am totally out of sorts there. While I feel like an awkward baby moose simply walking down the street trying to figure out where I’m going, the old woman hobbling down the cobblestone path with her cane and shopping bags, the men at the coffee shops chatting with one another and watching the passersby, the market vendors artfully rearranging their stacks of fruits after selling a chunk to a customer, the groups of young friends joking around while walking down the street and the espresso servers in the open air markets quickly navigating around the hoardes of shoppers while delivering fresh espresso to vendors before the crema settles are all living their lives with such fluency!

To watch anyone do something well is a joy!

After getting my front wheel caught and twisted in a metal grate in Veles, Macedonia, I had the pleasure of watching my bike wheel get wrenched and trued back to round by a 60-something year old bicycle mechanic who has no doubt trued hundreds of bike wheels in his day. He tightened and loosened my spokes with such know-how, more by feel than by sight, I wondered if he was blind for a moment as I watched his hands appear to work without the need of eyesight, and then again even after I had convinced myself otherwise.

While beginning to write this post I was eating the delicious gyro I previously posted a picture of while in Thessoloniki. Those gyro meat slicers are soooo good at slicing that meat! A sharp knife, lots of practice and man, they thinly slice some meat quickly and look good while doing it.

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