Drink, Eat, Repeat

The trip in February continued: eating and drinking our way around Spain… now in Barcelona where Kara and Laura joined us!

ImageA fuzzy picture of the ladies: Kara, Laura, JoAnn, Margie and me. Drinking vermouth and preparing to indulge in amazing tapas in Barcelona

ImageWe were on a mission to find the best xurros amb xocolata in Barcelona… not sure that we found THE BEST, but we had fun trying!


More xurros amb xocolata with THE BEST guidebook ever in the background: Le Cool. Check it out.

Sage's Pics 2775After Barcelona Laura returned home to Alicante and the mother daughter duos continued north to Cadaques, inspiration and home to many artists over the past couple hundred years. It’s amazing here.

Sage's Pics 2789

Sage's Pics 2851

Love the camera timer!!!

Sage's Pics 2834

Sage's Pics 2823

Sage's Pics 2813

Sage's Pics 2809

Sage's Pics 2805

We went to France for a day…

Sage's Pics 2871Police station at the border

Sage's Pics 2878

French boat

Sage's Pics 2882

French medieval fortress

photo (1)French chocolate

photoFrench window


I parted ways with Kara, Margie and my mom in Lleida. They caught the fast train to Madrid and I, the bus back to Vall de Boi. This little guy had the bad luck of accompanying us for the last 50 or so kilometers of the drive…

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