Upon arriving in Donosti, I found internet and called my friend Asier through Skype. We arranged to meet outside the ayuntamiento 20 minutes later. Asier and I lived together in the Pyrenees last winter and had so much fun. It was like no time had passed seeing him again. We strolled about and made our way back to his house where his brother was preparing to play a soccer game. We decided to go watch him. While sipping on our beers waiting for the match to start, his brother rushes up to Asier saying they don’t have a goalie and Asier has to play. Not a soccer player at all, he’s all for it! Vamos!!


My first day here Asier and I went out in the afternoon for Pintxos. Perfect way to eat. Composed beautiful small eats, you pick what you want, eat, drink a beer or cider or glass of wine with it, move onto the next place.

This joint is new and fancy.



We ate amazing foie gras here


This was our third and final stop for pinxos that day

Slightly buzzed and very full we decided to walk it off. We took a stroll along the waterfront and on the way back the ocean beckoned us. We spontaneously decided to go for a swim in the frigid sea. So fun. That night, after a solid siesta, we ate Turkish food and played Jenga with Asier’s hermanos and their significant others, while the grandparents took the sobrinos out to celebrate the triplets’ 5th birthday.


Asier has 5 siblings and they have 6 kids between them. Asier lives at his parents’ house which is the center of family activity and always bustling and alive. Coming from a tiny immediate family of 3, this is different for me!

Yesterday we took the train to France to celebrate the birthday of Cristina, a friend of Asier’s. BBQ, lots of booze (cider her dad made, patxaran her boyfriend made) and amazing people. We ended up staying the night. 24 hours in France!




We woke up this morning, came back to Donosti and prepared for the birthday party for the triplets and the one year old whose birthday is tomorrow. This was an awesome family gathering. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews – everyone! We ate montadillos, small sandwiches, drank cider and beer and wine, cake for dessert, the works. Pay no attention to me with my face hideously stuffed with food back there…


Following, a fútbol match between Donosti and Bilbao – regional rivals – was going on. We made our way to a crowded and noisy and crazy bar to watch the game. Tied at 1-1. After a walk and some fresh air, we met up with the family outside the same bar and hung out for a bit before returning home.

And tonight for din, Asier’s mom made fried egg sammies – my fave. So happy!

It has been an amazing few days here and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to get to spend the short time that I have with Asier’s amazing family and friends in this awesome city. Tomorrow I’m back on the move, towards Alicante, to visit Laura, one of my mom’s oldest friends! Wahoo!!!

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  1. jeannette prince says:

    be careful sager!!!!! xoxoxjp

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