Monthly Archives: May 2015

Doin’ it

Biking, eating and repeating!  Left Homer this morning for a 5 day adventure back to Anchorage!    Vamping in my new Astro van with Aleks last night on the Spit Driftwood fire getting ready for sauerkraut and curry mustard laden campfire polish dogs    Moments before departing this morning!   My first stop in Anchor Point.  The epitomy of the clear-cut and pave all flat land mentality that seems to pervade this area.  Lunch stop.  Gorgeous.  Fare: rice, beans, avocado & salsa mixed up in a plastic bag.  Delish. What a treat to stay with friends and being able To travel light sans tent, etc!   Arrived at Josh an Katie’s in Sterling a few hours ago.  I promptly indulged in a Sierra Nevada pale ale and BBQ Kettle chips (I had been dreaming of chips and beer for the last  couple hours of my ride) before we baked off Katie’s homemade pita bread for amazing flank steak gyros.  Yesssss!  Eating WELL on the bluff.  View from my room. So thankful for an awesome day of riding and amazing friends at the end of it!