Links to great/useful/interesting/inspiring websites!

A list of hundreds of women’s bike blogs.  From all around the world, about every kind cycling and much more!!!

Bike blogs from solo females cycling around the world!  AWESOME!!!!!

Warm Showers – hospitality exchange for touring cyclists!  There aren’t a ton of people on here, but those I have hooked up with have been the BEST!

CouchSurfing – hospitality exchange for everyone cool!  I have had so many awesome experiences with CouchSurfing on this trip – yes!

Bike Journals from around the world… and tons more.  Great resource for anyone going on their first bike tour or anyone who wants to read some amazing tales.

Maker of my great Long Haul Trucker and Troll bicycles

Social travel: stay with locals around the world for work, money or for free!  This is where I found my winter restaurant/hostel gig in Vall de Boi, Espana!

A site for travel, language and work exchange.  I found both EIA – a great eco-village in Bale, Croatia and Pouygarin farm and pottery retreat in France through this site.

Great site about The Balkans!

Want to work in Antarctica??







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