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Final Hours on The Ice

My flight off The Ice, in a C-130 Hercules, operated by the US Air Force, is scheduled to take off in 5 hours. It has been an incredible first season in Antarctica.

I went camping
We dressed up
camping 1
Here we dine in our little wind shelter. Thor is in the background making his snow cave/trench to sleep in.

I went on a hike up to Castle Rock and snowboarded down
approaching castle rock

We had a picnic in an apple on the way
top of castle rock
And got serious on top

Went snowboarding again
big tire
Here’s me standing next to a Delta – big tires

I went snow machining a couple times
snowmachine 2

I took a lot more pictures of food

And of our dated dorm lounges

I went to South Pole
bike pole
I rode a bike around the Pole
cleanest air
And collected the cleanest air on earth – I’m holding my breath so as not to contaminate it.

I volunteered as a line handler to help bring in and cast of the ice breaker and resupply vessel
line handling 1

I was the unofficial photographer for the marathon in January
marathon 2

start of marathon

I saw lots of penguins

And a dead skua
RIP Skua

Time to suit up in my insulated Carharts, bunny boots and Big Red and fly out of here!

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