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From the comfort of Laura’s abode in Aigües I headed southwest towards Granada where I would be meeting mom who was flying in from Alaska. We would then boat across the Straight of Gibralter to Morocco!
Last breakfast in Mutxamel with Laura. Pan tostado con tomate y queso, cafe con leche.20140620-103235-37955888.jpg
My first day riding lead me up up up into the mountains and past marble quarries and everything marble related. Here, mountains of fine marble powder – used much like cement in building.

My second day of riding was brutal. Hot hot sun, constant strong and gusting head and sidewinds, near constant uphills, and the brief downhills frustratingly unrewarding with the strong winds forcing me to continue pedaling to gain any momentum. And it wasn’t the most scenic part of my trip either. This was the visual highlight of my day.

That evening, after riding a hard-earned 95 km, faced with yet another long uphill, the everpresent scorching sun, non-stop headwinds and decreasing physical and mental reserves, I ducked into the only shade and wind block in sight – under the highway. I decided to stay the night. It was perfect.

The next two days I rode through hundreds of olive and almond groves, by houses and entire towns carved into caves and towards the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Granada.

I arrived into Granada a few days before my mom. I posted up at a hostel right in the middle of it all (my first hostel of my euro trip!).
View of the Alahmbra from the top floor of the hostel. Not bad for budget accommodation!

I wandered around, ate free tapas and got lost the streets of Granada. One night a hostel buddy and I were drinking a bottle of wine on a plaza turned parking lot (with a view if the Alahmbra across the way, of course!). A guitarist sat near us and started rolling a spliff. We offered him wine and fruit, he offered us weed. He played flamenco guitar and sang soulful Andalucian melodies while the sun set across the city. We exchanged intermittent stories and laughs and at some point after night had set in (probably when the wine ran out!) we sauntered away from the plaza and that perfect little shared moment in time. Ahhhhh Granada!
Sunset over the cathedral

Grafitti and the catedral

Grafitti, a cute street and the Sierra Nevada in the distance

Free paella with my cañita (that means little beer)

Outside the city walls lies Sacramonte, an area of cave dwellings built into the dry hillsides where many of the “bohemians” of Granada reside.
View of the Alahmbra from the other side of the wall

Las cuevas





I ate this ridiculous giant pastry one evening. A palmera cookie with essentially a thin layer of creme brulee on the top. Dessert for dinner!

In hopes of getting a pair of baggy, non-provocative pants (I only had shorts, no pants along with me up to this point) to wear in Muslim Morocco, I hunted out the second hand/vintage clothing sector. Knowing I was meeting up with mom who could carry all of my purchases back home for me when we parted ways, I ended up going on an unintentional shopping spree. I went a little crazy with the puffy shirts and ruffles.
Mom arrived on a Wednesday afternoon after days of traveling and without her luggage (it thankfully arrived that evening!). We spent a perfect evening doing the same thing I’d been doing for the past few days. Wandering and eating and drinking and enjoying the little surprises tucked into the corners of Granada.
Eating our first lunch of many together at a great cafe on a quiet corner in Granada.

Wine on some old steps outside a funky vegetarian restaurant. My attempt at looking cool and disinterested. My mom joked that I had that bored teenager look. And the mom-daughter trip begins!!

The next day we jumped on a train, headed to Algeciras and ferried it over to Africa. Bike beside me all the way!

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